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Nate Robertson for Our Local Community

Faith, Family & Freedom. He's your neighbor next door.



Resident-First Mindset

"The first thing I would do, if elected as a city commissioner is to work hard to maintain a low property tax basis for all residents of Ocoee.


I would work hard to make sure every road in the city was in great working condition and that local traffic patterns were optimized.

I would also work to make sure our downtown revitalization is completed, which would bring new shopping and restaurant venues to the area.


Resident-First Mindset

"One of the things I am most passionate about is our right as Americans to personal privacy and freedom.   I believe that the freedom to choose is vital to a free society.


The government should not have the ability to intrude into our personal privacy.  If elected, I’ll always vote to protect your personal freedoms.  You can count on that!

Once of the ways I am able to help protect your family, your business and your homes, is by making sure our local police, fire and emergency services are fully funded in the budget each year."


Resident-First Mindset

"Small businesses are the engine of our economy and routinely count for most of the new jobs created in our country.   I want to make sure that every opportunity is available to help them achieve continued success, especially here in the City of Ocoee.

I'm particularly passionate about making sure minority, women and Veteran-owned businesses have a platform for continued success.

Also, I would work hard to hard to make sure all park projects were completed, including the Sports Complex."

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Growing up my parents and grandparents instilled in me a strong work ethic, one where my father worked long hours to make sure that my mom was able to choose staying home to raise my two brothers and I. My grandfathers both served in the Army.  Their love of country and willingness to lay their lives down to protect the American way of life and the lives of families were ideals that were never lost on me.


I grew up with a sense of devotion to God in our home.  That’s one of the values my parents instilled in me, along with the dedication to one’s family and the drive to work toward a common goal, which is happy healthy families and communities.  If any of that sounds like you, then we share common values.


My campaign is based around three core universal truths of faith, family & freedom.  Therefore, I will always maintain a resident-first mindset, as a City Commissioner.  You deserve a fresh voice of representation.  As your neighbor next door, I will tow the line for you in City Hall!

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“Nate is the fresh voice we need to elect as a Commissioner to represent the fine folks in the City of Ocoee. Nate will work to deliver more business development to the area, protect your family, your home values and be a steady voice of reason, when others just want to play politics.”

Jeremy Sisson, MBA
Managing Director

Evan James & Associates


Let’s work together for the betterment of our local community!

Nate Robertson, Community Leader

Tel: 407.434.1799


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